Sunday, 23 June 2013

Invisible canoeing

First up I was walking along the street and outside all of the shops and houses were vegetable plots. 
Rows and rows of neat cabbages and carrots made an orderly display. It crossed my mind that there was nothing to stop people taking them. 

Next yet another appearance from my friend Matt, this time he is teaching canoeing lessons on a lake with an island in the centre of it. 
I can see the canoes moving across the water and hear laughter and shouts from his pupils but they are invisible. 
The canoes keep over turning and putting the pupils under water and I hear them screaming but I'm just looking at empty canoes moving on their own. 
Thankfully Matt wasn't singing this time. 

Lastly I attend a foreign lady's house who has been burgled. She keeps touching everything despite me asking her not too because they need fingerprinting. 
I walk into another room and find around twenty teenagers all sitting in silence. As I am about to speak they all put their finger up to their lips to stop me. 
I walk back into the room where the female is and she is carrying a 50 inch plasma TV. 

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