Friday, 21 June 2013

Ice hockey on Broadway

Rather oddly a person I haven't seen for over 30 years appeared in my dream last night. 
I was in a London Theatre watching a live stage show of Ice Hockey on Broadway with the main character being Joan who I used to know. Not unexpectedly she did look exactly the same as I remembered her. Set to music she and a cast of many glided  around on roller blades pushing a puck around. 

The last section of dreaming prior to waking involved several children playing in a field. I didn't recognise them but I did know them and they knew me. 
They came running over to me and said that there was a man living next door that had just got out of prison and he was a bad man. 
I tried to convince them that he should be given a chance and not be judged by his past actions. 
One of the children looked at me and just said, "Yeah whatever!" 

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