Friday, 7 June 2013

Hippo hunt

I began by being out in the countryside with my camera looking for wildlife. I also had a shotgun. 
I then see friends of mine called Dan and Vicky who were out walking their small puppy. As I greeted them I saw a hippopotamus run at speed past me. I didn't know whether to grab my camera or my gun. 
As I turned to Dan to see if he saw it too a baby hippo was sat posing for photos with his puppy and Dan was taking photos. When I say posing, the hippo and the puppy were giving cheesy grins and putting their heads together. 
I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures but Dan kept getting in the way. The puppy then pulled a pistol from behind its back and put it against the hippos head, looking directly me the puppy smiled. 

I was next climbing some concrete stairs and ahead of me was a teenage boy and he was pushing two girls and bullying them. 
I got behind him and pushed him all the way to the top where I found a sweet shop. The boy went into the back of the shop as he appeared to work there. I told the shop owner that the boy was a bully and that I would work there to stop him from carrying on bullying anyone else. 
The boy came out of the back and I shook his hand and said, "I'm Maximus, I'm watching you". 

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