Monday, 24 June 2013

Gimp masks and porcupines

I appeared to be some kind of community do gooder last night. On a bicycle I rode around my neighbourhood looking out for trouble. I soon found it in an entrance lobby to an old people's home where a group of teenage boys were drunk. 
They all gave me attitude and so I took hold of one lad by the ear and pulled it off. This seemed to work and they all dispersed and as they ran off a huge black and white porcupine chased after them. 

Next I'm wasn't directly in the dream but watching it. Set in an office block all off the employees were very curious as to what was in the basement. The lift didn't go down that far and only certain people had access to it. 
One man stole a bosses pass card and got in the lift and descended to the basement. 
When the doors opened it was a gymnasium but all the men were dressed in suits and brightly coloured leather gimp masks. 

Two females were kissing in a corner and when the man approached them they stopped and told him that they were a couple now but not to tell anyone. 
The man alarmed by what he was seeing turned to leave and caught his reflection in a mirror. 
He had a red gimp mask on and despite all his efforts it wouldn't come off. 
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