Monday, 3 June 2013

George Alagiah loses the plot

The BBC news presenter George Alagiah was the focal point of my nights visions. 
I was watching him with my wife present the 6 O'Clock news with a female colleague sat next to him. They switched to a live report from a sports centre where a female sports reporter was sat on top of a round air conditioning duct some twenty feet above the basketball court. 
Just as she finished her report she slipped backwards and landed on her backside in the floor, when the camera switched back to the studio George had tears rolling down his face and was howling with laughter. 
He was laughing so much that he was unable to continue and the female carried on with the news as George slapped the desk and struggled to compose himself. 

My wife and I then got up off the sofa and walked towards the TV, next thing I knew we were following George as he left the BBC. 
We watched him walk up to a house and enter via the garage. We opened the garage door and entered a completely empty garage, there wasn't even a car in there. 
George then appeared with who we assumed was his wife and we made comment on how tidy his garage was. 
George replied that being a serious news presenter he had a very tidy and orderly life. 
We both looked at him having seen his previous actions on the TV and he gave us a cheeky wink. 

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