Saturday, 8 June 2013

Carrot run

For unknown reasons I was collecting carrots, although not in the normal manner. 
I was walking uninvited into people's houses and conducting thorough searches of the entire property. Instead of looking in the obvious places such as the fridge or food cupboards, I searched everywhere. 
The odd part was that no one complained or even questioned my actions. 

Just before being rudely awoken by the alarm this morning for work I was standing in a public toilet with an old school friend called Paul who I haven't seen for over 35 years. 
The place was completely tiled and stank of urine. In one corner a solid part of the wall looked different in colour and I took hold of the top of the wall and it started to peel off like paper. 
As I removed it I heard the familiar sound of the alarm and I was immediately yanked from my dream and back into reality. 


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