Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bearded fugitive

Last night again I dreamt I was a police officer. This time I was with a lad called Jamez who is very tall, stocky and looks very imposing. 
Arriving at a house Jamez had a photo of a man that was wanted and I told him to knock on the front door while I covered the back. 
After a while I returned to the front to find Jamez chatting to a group of men in the entrance to the house. He said to me that the men didn't know who we were looking for. One man with a large beard was very angry at being woken up. 
I asked Jamez to check the photo of the wanted man and it was the bearded man. 

I slapped handcuffs on the man and pulled him out of the house and told Jamez to take him to the police car. The rest of the household started to become angry and turned on us. 
I began to randomly pepper spray anyone that moved and as more and more people arrived I turned to see that Jamez was casually wandering up the street and the bearded man was ahead of him making a dash for freedom. 

The entire neighbourhood arrived and they were all anti police I ran out of pepper spray and shouted for Jamez to help. As I became surrounded by hostile residents I could just see Jamez in the distance hiding behind a parked car. 
Ahead of him was the bearded fugitive who was getting clean away. 

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