Friday, 14 June 2013

Baby beard

I was in the bath at my mums house having a soak when I noticed that I didn't have any soap, shampoo or towel. 
I was also aware that I was late for work so I stepped out of the tub and started to levitate a few feet off the floor. 
Dripping wet and naked I floated out of the bathroom and into a supermarket checkout. Staff and customers noticed me but didn't seem to think a naked man levitating was strange and went about their business. 

As often in my sleep when I need the toilet I dream about it, this time I entered a bathroom to find the urinal was in the shape of a trombone and blue. Water was leaking from it so I decided to wee in the sink. 
Just as I stepped over towards the sink a doctor entered the room with a young man and his baby. He placed both father and son into the sink and started to examine them. 
The doctor spoke as he conducted his examination and said the the man, "Don't worry surgery will rectify this problem".  
When I looked at the baby closer, it had a full beard!
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