Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Abstract body art

I was wandering through a vast complex of rooms that all interconnected. Within each room was an air conditioning unit and a chair. 
I kept walking until I found a room that was different, it still had the same items inside but this one also had a work bench. 
From behind the work bench appeared my good friend Lee Ann who was painting a picture but I couldn't see it. 

When I strained over the bench to see it was her fiancé Andy and he was the painting. Covered in abstract paintings he was a naked living breathing canvas of art. 
I joined in and painted a tribal style tattoo on his arm. 

I was next carrying some shopping to my car when an old lady on a mobility scooter deliberately rammed the rear of my car. I ran around but she had made off up the street. Inspecting my bumper I saw it was dented. 
I chased after the old lady and saw her go into a shop. I grabbed hold of her and shouted my annoyance at her. She just said calmly, "I always park there"! 
With this I pulled out a leather wallet and opened it and shouted, "Police"!
A shop worker grabbed the wallet from my hand and started to inspect it demanding to see my picture ID. 

Confident that I was a genuine police officer I opened a flap in the wallet but there was only various pictures of me as a child. 
The shop worker threw me out into the street shouting, "You're a fake"! I looked back to see the old lady laughing at me. 

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