Saturday, 25 May 2013


One of those dreams where I'm there but it plays out like a TV programme last night.  
Standing in a street at night a woman dressed in yellow stood at a microphone stand and started to sing. All around was a vast crowd also all dressed in yellow. 

As the woman continued to sing a football team assembled behind her, they too were wearing a yellow kit. 
As they prepared to play they were busy watching the woman singing and an opposing team ran around them and scored a goal while they were not paying attention. 

Finally a yellow double decker bus arrived and I got onto it. I stood up as all the seats were taken and as the bus moved away my head was filled with noise. The noise was all consuming and appeared to be made up of many different people talking and music playing at the same time so that I couldn't define any one sound. 
I woke at this point thankfully but with a headache. 

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