Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wooden bear

After a very long time I worked late into the small hours and therefore passed out into a coma. I did have a brief dream which involved one of my cats. 

I was in a huge old barn with a massive wooden beam ceiling. I was restoring the huge entrance gates and was standing back proudly looking at my at work. 
My neighbour entered and commended me on my restoration of the doors but immediately pointed out that the very large metal bolts attached to the bottom of them no longer lined up with the holes in the floor. 

Standing scratching my head at my error she just took hold of the doors and lifted them up and took a step to the right and dropped them directly in line with the bolt holes. 
I pointed out that doing this left a gap between the door frame and wall and suddenly my cat called Bear appeared and slipped into the gap and moulded perfectly to fill it. 
As Bear moved inside the gap he turned into wood filling the hole. 
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