Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wanted man

I'm sure if I was analysed about dreaming I'm wearing women's clothing it would bring up all kinds of suppressed emotions and feelings. 
I was a the real me, as in flesh and blood but dressing in cartoon female clothing in some kind of vast indoor garden. 

The other part of my nights entertainment involved myself and my wife bringing a wanted person to justice. He was a scruffy looking man who was in need of a drug hit as he was shaking uncontrollably. 
As we placed him into a prison cell he kicked me in the leg. I swept my leg and took his balance away by kicking both his feet. 
He fell backwards and smashed his head open on the hard concrete bed, his head split open. We had a look at his head, decided he was ok and shut the door. 
With this the man went crazy, smashing the toilet and pulling the cistern off the wall. 
A huge spray of water started to fill the cell and as a safety feature the window opened. But instead of making his escape the man sat down and cried. 
We entered the room and a small boy climbed into the cell through the now open window. 

I picked up the boy and threw him outside as if he was weightless. The man turned to me and begged to be given some drugs. I then noticed that there was a huge hole in his head and I could see his brain. 

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