Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Undercover Maximus

Last night I was watching TV when my good friend Martin appeared on the screen in the middle of a programme. He started talking to me as if he was in the room and that it was perfectly normal for him to be on my telly.
Martin was telling me all about his up and coming holiday and how much he was looking forward to having a break.

Martin asked me to take over his job for him during his absence which was to watch an Asian mans house as he suspected him to be up to no good.
I hid myself outside the house with Martins final words echoing in my head, "Don't get seen".
As I attempted to blend in a large group of people walked past the house and as they went by they all shouted, "Hello Maximus"!
The Asian man looked out of his window directly at me! Oops.

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