Sunday, 12 May 2013

The little people

I was working in a bar that was run by radio one DJ Jo Whiley. The second dream this week involving a DJ and I never listen to radio one. 
I was a miniature version of myself because I was needed to slide through a small tube to push packets of peanuts into the bar when Jo asked for them. 
I was no bigger than a packet of the savoury treats and I dived feet first to enable them to be delivered. 
I was rushing through the tube when Jo shouted out that she didn't need any peanuts and was leaving. I stopped moving and was trapped in the middle of the tube unable to escape. 

Keeping with the little theme, I was one of two tiny brothers that worked in the co op store. 
We rode toy motorbikes around the shop floor checking that everything was ok on the shelves. But when we found empty shelves we were unable to do anything about it due to only being an inch tall. 

Just prior to waking I was my normal size and drove my car into a really busy petrol garage. There were massive queues and I decided to leave. As I glanced at the newspaper stand by the exit there was a headline saying that I was wanted for murder. 
I left the garage puzzled as I couldn't remember killing anyone? 

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