Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tattoos and gold

As I was sleeping I could feel something tickling my stomach and was under the impression that it was my wife cuddling into me.  It was that odd drifting sensation you experience in between sleep and  consciousness. 
Looking down at my body immediately told me I was asleep as my wife was expertly tattooing my stomach. A huge tribal style ink patten which covered most of my stomach. 
As she moved the needle around the side of my torso it began to hit the very sensitive part and made me jolt up awake in bed. 

The next part of my dream involved an old man in a branch of a Woolworth's store. He approached the staff and indicated he wanted to buy a gold necklace and a LP if the group The Jam.  
The staff rushed around pampering to the old man in the belief that he was rich and made the jewellery salesman come out of his lunch break to serve the man. 

After unlocking display cabinets and showing the man all the expensive gold, he decided that he would just buy the album. 
A young black sales assistant held up the old mans cheque book and pointed to a figure printed on it. 
"Look here sir you have £27,000". 
The old man smiled and said, "Just give me my album boy!"

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