Tuesday, 14 May 2013

S.W.A.T wife and fruit cake fish

Some odd happenings last night starting with my ability to travel to-alternative worlds. I could achieve this by selecting various items such as a CD or book and floating into them, arriving in a different time and dimension. 
I jumped into a heavy rock CD and arrived inside a small boys cupboard in his bedroom.  
The excited boy then wanted to travel to my world but I said I would explore his world first. 

Finding a lake another boy was fishing and had caught a piece of fruit cake. He then asked me to plug it into the mains electric which I couldn't do because I needed to change the plug to fit UK sockets.
Whilst explaining this to the boy the fruit cake fish disintegrated in his hand. 

I was next running around a town in Norfolk following my wife who was carrying an assault rifle. She told me that three men had run off and we were going to hunt them down. 
I struggled to keep up as she ran at high speed commando rolling over cars and through church yards. 

I finally jumped into a taxi to follow her as I couldn't keep up the pace. Watching ahead I saw my wife drop behind a wheelie bin and start firing. Yelling at the taxi driver to stop I opened the door but the driver took ages to slow and stop the car. 
I eventually ran from the car towards the gunfire but woke before reaching my wife. 

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