Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spike Milligan's World

I was in a cave with two other men that I didn't know. We had walked into the cave and had reached what we believed to be as far as we could go at a wall of rock. 
Looking at our feet we noticed that the floor was flowing as if it was water and disappeared under the wall of rock. The two men sat down with their backs towards the wall and they bent completely double as they were sucked under the wall. 
I wanted to go with them and hastily sat facing the wall but I wasn't getting sucked under. I turned so that I faced the other way and I too was bent in half and vanished under the wall. 

I was immediately sat next to the other two men and floating backwards away from a bright light into darkness. I held out my hands in front of my face and rotated them thinking to myself that this isn't real. 
I could hear horrible slimy cracking sounds close to my ears. I then noticed that these were giant insects eating their way out of cocoons. 
We stood up but were still floating as if on the ground was a massive conveyor belt. Towards us it became light and I was then aware that a forth man was standing with us. It was veteran funny man Spike Milligan. 

Spike didn't look like how I remembered him, his face was serious and was covered in cuts and grazes. 
As it got lighter I could see that everywhere was covered in the huge cocoons all making the spine chilling noise as giant insects hatched. 
Spike turned to us and said, "This is my hell, you shouldn't have come here".

Lastly just prior to waking I needed the toilet and dreamt that I had entered my mums house and told her I wanted to pee. Rushing in the bathroom I was shocked to find an empty space where the toilet used to be. 
I asked my mum why she had neglected to tell me the toilet was missing and she just shrugged and said, "They are fitting a new one soon, you'll have to wait".

I woke at this point in need of the toilet. Thankfully mine was still there. 

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