Monday, 20 May 2013

School dummy

Running through the corridors of a building, I am late for school, however I am an adult. 
A woman's voice crackles over a tannoy system that the class has been moved to Mr O'Neils office and I hastily arrive at the room. 
As I enter I notice a block of tables in the centre of the room and the only available seat is next to a girl with bright ginger hair. I circle the tables twice just to make sure there are no other places and sit next to the girl when I see its the only seat. 

On the board is a set of questions that make no sense to me but everyone else is busy writing. In the corner a female teacher is watching over proceedings. 
In my mind I have no idea what I am meant to do and know that I haven't revised or completed my homework. 

I notice that the ginger girl is Debbie that used to live in my street when I was a child but I avoid talking to her. 
To her left are two big men that look identical, I assume that they are brothers and that they are simpletons as they are wearing matching knitted jumpers. One is yellow and the other green. 
I look up to see that the questions have been rubbed off and a different set have been written. 
I know in my mind that I am in trouble. 

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