Saturday, 18 May 2013

Robert De Niro's waiting

Many years ago I used to work in the warehouse of a supermarket in the Lincolnshire seaside town of Skegness. It was in this setting that my dream was set. 
I was laying down on the floor and beside me was legendary actor Robert De Niro. Robert was telling me not to trust anyone and he rolled over landing on top of me. 
As he did this his whole body and face became vastly inflated making him four times his normal size but he didn't weigh any more. 
He rolled some more and landed on the other side of me. When there he tried to hide that he was dialling a number on his mobile but I could see him doing it. 

A phone rang in the distance and Robert asked me to answer it. 
As I got up I saw Robert grab for a gun, I dashed behind some shelving and pulled out a can of pepper spray. 
I then ran around the warehouse spraying everyone in the face that I came across. 
After getting everyone I then set about going after Robert. I searched the entire warehouse but he had given me the slip. 
Next time De Niro!

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