Friday, 31 May 2013

Richard Hammond's DIY

Starting off by sitting in my mums back garden, my Dads long departed best friend arrives for a cooked breakfast that I have prepared. 
I hand him a plate of fried sausage, bacon and eggs and the same for myself. Unfortunately he has brought someone else with him and I stand there, plate of food in my hand as the stranger looks hopefully on at my food and I ponder if I should give it too him. 

My next recollection is being in a half decorated apartment that Top Gear star Richard Hammond is living in. 
Not the kind of place I'd expect him to live and he is clearly not into DIY as the place is a mess. 
I go around inspecting his work and find that a newly plastered wall is in danger of coming off. Richard is unconcerned by this and demonstrates this by reclining in a huge leather armchair whilst watching TV. 

There is a knock at the door which causes Richard to jump from his chair and franticly start putting wallpaper onto the walls but over the plaster that is about to fall away. 
I open the door and a man I don't know hands me a set of car keys and says, "You can have my car now". He points to a blue coloured vehicle parked on the road and walks away. 
Inside Richard has once again reclined in his chair and is asleep. 
I shut the front door and head for my newly acquired car leaving Richard to sleep. 

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