Thursday, 16 May 2013

Random floating

No real structure to my dreams last night. It was as if I was floating in and out of different locations and then various people and items floated past me as I watched. 
I do recall shouting out when I grabbed a very sharp looking piece of metal, knowing that it would cut me I still took hold of it. I was informed by my wife that I called myself an idiot. 

I was next in an old spooky looking house that was more resemblant of a horror movie set. My wife and I had arranged our wedding by placing all the guests we liked in white clothing and the ones we didn't like in black and put them behind a black curtain. 
Everyone was sat as if in an audience and on a screen the end credits played listing all the guests. 

I next drifted along a playing field, I was moving a rabbit hutch around two men playing football. On top of the hutch I placed my mobile phone and plugged it in to charge. 
I was then inside a building where I saw Shaz from work. His phone was next the entrance and was an old phone of mine I had given him. On the display it read, one message. 

Finally I was attempting to shoot various people from work as they walked around in the street. I had a high powered sniper rifle but the trigger kept disappearing when I was about to fire. 
I floated through a gap between two houses and found myself on a beach. Looking out at the ocean I could see a garden ornament just suspended in the air. It was one of those shaped metal ones that show an image when they spin in the wind. 
I started to shoot it when a female asked me if I wanted any rice pudding. 
She took my arm and dragged me into a house. She just kept repeating herself again asking if I wanted rice pudding. 

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