Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Phone box car

To start off I appeared to be laying in a bed with a glass wall either side of it. Beyond the glass were fish swimming, creating the impression I was under water. 
I got up out of bed and walked into the street and headed towards a red telephone box. I reached up and took hold of the top of the box and pulled it down so that it was laying on its side. 
I then opened the door and climbed in to what was now the inside of a car. 
I flicked the radio on and the tune, "The lion sleeps tonight", came on. 
I then drove off in my red phone box car. 

I was next in prison and had been sentenced to two months but I didn't know for what crime. 
I decided that to pass the time I would read a book and stay in my cell, not mixing with anyone else. 
I soon realised that I'd need more than the one book I had with me. Fortunately my cell was well equipped with a plasma TV and telephone. 
I called my wife and asked her to pop me in some more reading material and as I wasn't mixing with the other inmates, some ready meals to place the fridge I also found in my cell. 
Crime doesn't pay? Hmmmm. 
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