Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mud, death and Dad

A mixed bag last night starting with myself and my friend Matt attempting the simple task of walking up a hill. 
As we walked my steps became more and more laboured and my legs began to feel extremely heavy. 
I turned to look at Matt who suddenly sank up to his neck as the street became a sea of mud. The mud then started to flow down hill sweeping Matt away with it. 
I held on to an overhanging branch of a tree and continued to struggle up hill against the torrent of thick flowing mud. 
I then arrived at Matt's house to find that he had showered and was in his dressing gown. We talked about what had happened and the pair of us just laughed out loud. 
I then woke up laughing. 

I was next at a very expensive London hotel along with a boy of about 18. We had the job of taking over from the police in guarding a room that was the scene of a murder. 
We were told not to allow anyone in two rooms along the end of a hallway but guests could use the toilet next to the rooms. 
Immediately two drunken females needing the toilet attempted to go into the murder scene. I ushered them out not before seeing into one room that had blood dripping from the ceiling and a smiley face painted in blood on the wall. The room had a cold dark feel to it and smelt of death. 

Finally I was at my mums house and going to work. My dad was there and I opened the front door to find that two feet of snow had fallen. A neighbours car was also blocking my exit from the driveway. 
Taking my keys from me, dad got in my car and reversed it out gently hitting the other car. He stopped in the middle of the street and handed me back my keys. 
I opened the drivers door to find a man had got in and was attempting to move it. 
In the calmest voice I said to him, "Get out of my car now". The man looked at me as if he was about to die, total fear on his face. 
I then woke up without knowing the outcome. 

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