Friday, 10 May 2013

Mc Orange fries

Last night I built a long rectangular wooden box on the front of my bicycle. It jutted out about ten feet and made it very difficult to ride. 
After a bit of practice I'd managed to get very fast as I peddled around a one way system. Looking above my head to the left, dark storm clouds gathered, to my right, bright sunny skies. 
I franticly rode faster away from the potential rain and as I did I could see before me a vision of McDonalds French fries.  

No ordinary fries, these were orange flavoured ones and the faster I peddled, the further they floated away from me. 
Eventually I arrived at the window of a drive through McDonalds and a blonde rather fat looking woman was in front of me. They had run out of the new special orange fries and as she waited for the next batch to be cooked she danced to music that only she could hear. 
This made her look as if she was having a fit but was hugely entertaining for onlookers. 

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