Saturday, 4 May 2013

Leg less birthday

I started off with dreaming I was in bed alone and awake. To my left was a set of wooden stairs and I was aware that my cats were somewhere in the room but couldn't see them.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white shoot up the stairs that startled me. I called for the cats but there was silence.
Suddenly a ghostly white figure drifted up the stairs again and I started to panic. Again I called out to the cats and felt something moving towards me under the quilt.
It moved and grabbed hold of my arm and started to shake me, panicking even more I began to scream out only for my wife to call out whilst shaking my arm to wake me from my dream.
I called out 'Ghost', as the realisation of my surroundings calmed my brain and I was able to make sense of it.

Next I was delivering a birthday card and present to my friend Lou, who's actual birthday it is today.
I crept into her house and in the hallway opened the door to the toilet and lifted the toilet seat to place her card there. I found that there were already a lot of cards there and then was greeted by another friend Bill. Bill was also creeping around as to not wake Lou delivering her present.

My present to Lou was a pair of artificial legs that I had wrapped and stood in the bathroom next to the toilet.
Just for clarification, Lou does have her own fully functioning pair of legs.
I was next at a house party of a man I don't know. I didn't appear to know any of the other guests either until I saw Lou sitting at at a table.
I then told her about my dream of being in her house and delivering her legs.
So just to clear this up, I was dreaming that I was telling someone about a dream I'd had about them.

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