Friday, 3 May 2013

Laboratory mummy

The initial part of my dream involved me getting off of a bus and finding a walking stick on the floor. Strangely I discovered one whilst out walking in a field yesterday and that has found it's way into my dream.
In my dream I picked it up and started using it and was aware that an old man was walking next to me. He gave me a look that said you don't need that it's mine, all without speaking a word.

Secondly I was in a very bright white lit room that I thought was a laboratory.
There was a clear plastic capsule with a man laying inside it. The lid was open and also clear plastic.
The man was strapped tightly so that he was only able to move his eyes and mouth. Panic was in his voice as he begged me to let him go.

Ignoring his desperate pleas for freedom I closed the lid and locked several clips shut. From a control panel I hit a succession of buttons and the capsule began to light up and make electrical fizzing sounds.
The man fell silent as his body fused into a mummified mass and the lights dimmed.

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