Monday, 6 May 2013

Jigsaw Gangster

Attempting to get to work for a meeting, I was walking through the streets with radio one DJ Scott Mills.
We climbed up the side of a building on some scaffolding and when at the top saw that there was a massive drop to a road below. It must have been about 100 feet to the busy traffic beneath us.
Scott said that we should hang onto a scaffold pole and then drop ourselves down. Foolishly I do as he suggests and then find that we are both hopelessly stuck and in danger of falling to our deaths.

I watch for a gap in the traffic below and just let go, closely followed by Scott. We land on our feet unharmed and discover that the floor is a vast jigsaw puzzle and that we are inside a building at our works meeting. The meeting involves having to put jigsaw pieces onto the floor to complete the puzzle.

I was then standing in the street as a spectator behind a metal barrier with hundreds of other people as a group of famous celebrities passed by.
I didn't recognise any of them until an old man in a sheepskin coat and trilby hat approached me.
He said to me, "You don't remember me do you? I used to be a right gangster back in the day and would visit your house when you were a boy".
I looked at the man and there was the faintest recognition that I knew him.

The man was cocky and arrogant, he waved and smiled at the crowd and gave me a wink as he walked away.

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