Monday, 27 May 2013

Jack's amazing carpentry

I was taking apart wooden pallets to use the timber to construct simple rectangular shaped raised beds for my vegetable garden. 
There was no real science to it, as long as the lengths were equal, it was easy. 
I was approached by Jack from work who asked if he could help out. Welcome of the assistance I handed him a pallet. 
Jack then took out an elaborate looking saw with several blades and started to cut the wood. 

When finished he had constructed an amazing and intricate carved boat that had a raised flower bed within its centre.  
Standing back in admiration I congratulated Jack on his masterpiece. He then looked at the end of his blunt pencil, turned and inserted it into the mouth of a full size tiger. 
Instead of losing his arm the pencil rotated and sharpened to a point. 
Jack just looked at me and smiled. 

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