Monday, 13 May 2013

Green box

A brief encounter with work colleagues Kyle and Adam last night. I was inside a house and was under attack from riot police in full body armour, shields and batons. 
I have no idea why they were after me but I wasn't in a position to give myself up. One of them poked their head through an open window and I grabbed his riot shield. 
I then ran outside and like a crazed madman I chopped everyone of them down and left them all in an unconscious pile. 

I could then hear Kyle laughing and I looked to see him and Adam holding a green box. I approached them and from the green box Kyle pulled out a mangled credit card from a slot in the side. 
He handed me the card which upon inspection I saw was my credit card. Laughing as he spoke, Kyle said, "We maxed your credit card dude". 
I was furious, knowing that I had no credit left on the card I knew I was in trouble. 
As I stood there staring at the remains of my card, Kyle and Adam walked off and all I could hear was Kyle still laughing. 

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