Sunday, 26 May 2013

Eastenders, sun and pee

Real World events had a direct influence on my dreaming last night. 
Firstly the cast of popular but tedious soap opera, Eastenders were all assembled at the foot of a mountain. I'd like to point out that I never watch it. A young man was about to propose to a girl and the cast all cheered him. 
It was all going very well until he started to speak and had a very posh accent. 
The ensuing jeers from the crowd send the man floating up in the air until he reaches the top of the mountain. 
At the top there is a hollow full of water where the man drops into. He starts to franticly splash his arms as the water is full of live eels. 

Next I'm running as fast as I can towards my mums house as I need the toilet, I cross a bridge and board an old wooden sailing ship. I dash around the decks looking for a toilet and finally find one, I shut the door and start to pee. In my dream I speak out loud and tell myself, "You need to wake up". I open my eyes pulling myself from the dream and go to the toilet. 

Finally I was staying in a cheap hotel in a foreign country and waiting to leave for home. Having packed my suitcase I went for a last walk out onto the balcony to take in the view. 
On the balcony I found my younger sister but she is about 14 years old. She explained that her room was the other side of a brick wall and the door had vanished. 
I then set about teaching her how to pass her body through solid matter by the power of thought. I placed my arm on the wall and fell straight through and found myself back in my hotel room. 

I then heard shouts of it being time to leave for the airport and grabbed my suitcase. Having one last look at the room I found that I'd left my camera bag under the bed. 
As I walked out of the room a massive intense bright white light hit my face and I had to squint. 
As I left the room I opened my eyes from my dream and the morning sun was shining through the window onto my face. 


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