Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Drunk in the sink

A very brief recognition from last night.  I was visiting my mums house only to discover that a drunken man was laying semiconscious  in her bathroom. His feet were sticking out into the hallway and I couldn't get past him to enter the bathroom. 
Going into the kitchen I found another drunken man, this one was sat in the kitchen sink with his arms and legs hanging over the sides lifelessly. 

I decided to leave my mums house and opened the front door to go when I was confronted with the man that I had just seen in the kitchen sink. Somehow I knew his name was Dennis and he was very angry. 
Dennis started to punch me in the face and shouted at me, "Why didn't you help me?"  
The dream ended there and I have no further memory's from the night. 

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