Friday, 24 May 2013

Darth Vader in a box

I was going to work in an office and upon my arrival I was slightly disappointed that I had to share a room with three others. 
There were two females that I didn't know and Malcolm Powder from my work. 
The four of us were crammed into a room that could literally fit two desks in. They were along opposite walls with only enough gap between them for the chairs. On the two remaining walls was a cupboard and the entrance door on the other. 

Both the women had claimed the desks and myself and Malcolm decided to tidy the cupboard out. It was full of empty boxes which we started to throw at the females. 
We then both found a box with our names on and excitedly opened them. 
Inside was a kit model of Darth Vader that needed gluing together. The pieces were all in frames and I spent the rest of my day carefully removing them and building my Star Wars model. 
Good work if you can get it! 

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