Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cannabis trick

I was setting off somewhere and had packed a suitcase. I wanted some cannabis and was waiting for it to be delivered but after growing tried of the prolonged delay, I set off.
I had left but I could then see the street outside my house where a man was running holding a huge cannabis plant in a tub. It was about 8 feet tall and he stopped outside my house, dropped the plant and it turned into several Poppy's growing out of the ground.
Just as this happened a cartoon policeman with white hair ran by and out of sight.
The Poppy's turned back into the cannabis plant and the man picked it up and ran to my house only to find I'd left.

For the second night running, excuse the pun, I dreamt about false legs.
I was delivering them to my neighbours as an anti burglary devise. My logic being that they could be placed in various locations on chairs to give the impression of someone being in should a burglar happen to glance through your window.
Clearly this was a stupid idea as all that would be seen were legs with no body attached, but my neighbours were taking them convinced it was a great idea.

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