Thursday, 2 May 2013

Alien twin attack

One of those really random nights of dreaming last night. It started off with me in a room with my wife and I was on a computer.
I was getting messages from people I didn't know in the form of music clips, I clicked the decline button each time I received one.
I then heard the song, 'Walking on sunshine' by Rockers Revenge, a hit in 1982. I looked at at the screen and it was our friend Suki. I accepted the request and his face appeared on the monitor with him wearing a huge woolly hat smiling at me.

Next I was on a huge movie set and under attack from alien helicopters.
I would reach what looked like open fields and ran towards them only to smash into an invisible barrier which would be the limit of the film set.

I franticly ran around trying to avoid the helicopters which were now firing lasers at me and ran inside a building. Not safe inside I was now under attack from floating faint images of identical twins.
I began pointing my finger at them and firing a red laser beam which made them disappear.
I then saw two twin witches in black pointed hats one of which lifted up a hatch in the floorboards.
Within the floor was bird seed which I scooped up in my hands and started to throw at approaching twins. When the seed hit them they disintegrated.

Running back outside it was raining so hard that it knocked me over and I struggled to move under the torrent of water. I ran as fast as I could towards the open fields, ready to smash into the barrier again when I woke up.

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