Thursday, 18 April 2013

Who ate all the pies?

A very short dream but detailed none the less.
I was some kind of detective and was investigating a crime of assault and criminal damage against a mother and her teenage daughter. I met the pair in the street and we all started walking towards my car.
The mother said how annoying it was that she had to go to a police station to give me a witness account of what had happened. I explained that I was happy to do it in her house and so we all walked back towards her home.

As we approached the house the teenage girl started to ask me questions about what had happened. I explained that I would be taking the statement because she was the victim. She annoyingly persisted in asking me questions to the point that I grabbed the paper from her she was holding and ripped it up shouting, "I'm not telling you anything right!"

We entered the house to find a very fat American man sat at the kitchen table. He immediately became defensive and said that he didn't know anything about the missing pies.
I glanced at the woman for an explanation, she pointed an accusing finger at the man and started to sing, "He ate all the pies, he ate the pies".

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