Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Who are ya?

I was out walking when it started to rain very heavily. Undeterred by this I removed from my pocket a pair of black waterproof over trousers. I pulled them on and smiled to myself at being so prepared.
It wasn't until I tried to walk that I noticed that they were so long I tripped over the excess trouser legs.
I then sat on the floor and proceeded to cut the bottoms with a blunt pair of scissors. I was making such a mess of my alterations that a crowd had gathered to watch me.

I then heard people saying to each other, 'Look its him from the TV". I looked up from my poor attempt at tailoring to see a young blonde haired teenage boy.
Everyone was swarming around him, trying to touch him and get his autograph.
I approached the boy to have a better look but didn't recognise him at all.
The boy looked at me and said, "Who am I?"

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