Thursday, 25 April 2013

Water horses

Standing at a lock on a river, I watched as an old man moved his boat into position between the lock gates.
As his boat started to slowly sink with the drop of the water level, his boat suddenly tipped violently throwing the man overboard.
I did nothing to help him but instead wandered to the higher level of the river and watched as two horses walked on water.
The riders were putting the horses through their paces by trotting around the river. It didn't even cross my mind that they were performing the impossible by walking on water.

I was lastly in a room with four other people, none of which I knew. We were playing football but had no ball. After a while of pointless running around I took off my jumper as I was hot revealing a football shirt that was claret and blue.
One of the men pointed put that I had a West Ham Untied shirt on but I corrected him pointing to the badge which said England.
I explained that it was the new national shirt and that I got given it free by my employer.
Everyone them wanted one and asked how to get a job at my company.

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