Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Underground amusement

Initially I was laying in bed awake but asleep if that that makes sense. I know I wasn't really awake because I was pointing my finger at a cardboard box on a chest of draws and rotating the box by the power of my mind.

I was then walking along a one way street, a car grabbed my attention suddenly as it was driving against the oncoming traffic and started hitting vehicles and pushing them back.
A police cars sirens blasted out and the car spun around and a chase began. I walked on and the sounds faded into the distance.

I was next on a London Underground tube train. It pulled into a station and I picked up some bags and headed to one of the exit doors. As I looked beyond onto the platform I noticed three teenage boys. I grabbed one of the silver diagonal poles for support, but the bottom of it was not fixed to the floor and I stumbled backwards as it came loose.
The boys seeing this thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen and laughed uncontrollably.
I didn't make eye contact as I wasn't in the mood to find it even slightly amusing. I hit the exit button to open the door and nothing happened. I slapped it again and the train started to leave the station.
The boys laughed even louder and pointed at me. I was livid.

The carriage was empty and as I looked along it the connecting door from the next carriage opened. A black girl around 8 years old entered wearing a red hat followed by an adult male.
The girl said hello to me and then turned to the man and said, "We sure gave the police the slip, you don't think they'll find the car do you?"

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