Friday, 12 April 2013

Twin shape shifters

My nights dreaming began with me being closely protective of my wife. I kept her by my side as we walked over a bridge, I wasn't sure why I was doing this but kept looking around me for signs of danger.
Suddenly without any warning my wife stepped into a roped noose which instantly tightened around her ankles and yanked her with tremendous force.
She was whipped backwards away from me and I screamed out loud.
So loud in fact that it woke my wife who was by my side for real asleep.

I was next with Az from work and we had been out drinking and because of this I said it would be safer to ride a bike home. We both got onto a bike with me steering. As I franticly peddled the road before me was totally black and I couldn't see a thing.
Az just told me to kept going but I stopped as I feared we would crash. When we got off the bike it became daylight and I was in my childhood town.
Az asked me where I lived but I couldn't remember the name of my street despite my mum still living there for over 40 years.

Lastly I was one of two twin boys of about 10 years of age. We were staying in a remote African village with our adopted patents as we had special powers and people were trying to kill us.
A small black African boy with a walkie talkie ran to us and shouted that a gang of killers were entering the village.
I immediately ran to a building and got onto the roof. On top of the building was a large children's paddling pool.
I jumped in and turned myself into a goldfish. My twin arrived and observing me did the same and we swam around discussing our next move.

After thinking that we would eventually be discovered as fish we jumped out and turned into birds and flew high above the village. As we looked down we could see flames shooting up from all the buildings. There was gun fire and we knew that our parents were dead.
We flew off into the distance tearful and silent.

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