Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tomorrows World

I was with my dad and we entered an underground train station. Right at the end of the platform was a small entrance to a tunnel, we climbed in and was met by former Tomorrows World presenter Raymond Baxter.
Oddly Raymond was in black and white how I remembered him originally on TV. He talked us through the maze of tunnels pointing out various pipe work and showed us a massive electrical fuse box, all of which he explained how they worked.

Reaching a room off of the tunnel, we followed him in. The room was a huge ventilation plant room very similar to what myself and dad worked in many years ago.
The floor to the room was covered in the yellow fibreglass loft insulation and as we walked into the centre of the room we started to sink into it.
Looking round for help from Raymond, we found that he had vanished.

I have woke this morning with the 1979 song, 'Every day hurts' by Sad Cafe in my head.

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