Monday, 1 April 2013

The church of fun

I was sat in a church on a wooden pew along with a packed congregation. It didn't seem to be any conventional type of sermon as it was based on audience participation.
I was sat on the very last pew next to the exit with just one other person between me and the door. Going from each person, it was taken in turns to sing a song. I watched with fear as my turn grew ever nearer until the boy sat next to me was singing.
I looked to my left at the person between me and a way out and it was my dad.
Looking equally worried he motioned his head towards the exit and we both got up and ran for the door just as the church fell silent.

I was next at my mums house with my nan and we were watching a film on TV.
It was just getting dark outside when a face appeared at the window.
I went to the front door and saw it was an old friend from my school days called Paul. He was drunk and wanted to come in, I attempted to explain to him that he wasn't welcome but he just wasn't getting the hint.
I made my point perfectly clear when I punched Paul firmly in the face and left him on the doorstep out cold.
I sat back down with my nan who asked me who was at the door, to which I replied, "No one nan".

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