Sunday, 14 April 2013

Space academy II

Sat in a darkened hall I watched as a man who appeared to be dressed as some kind of Star Wars character entered to a fanfare of loud music.
Ahead of him on the far wall was a cinema screen and a movie title scrolled up from the bottom which said, 'Space Academy II'. Other people on the room clapped excitedly at the announcement and I watched as my name came up as one of the actors.

I was next in an upstairs room of a house with a girl I didn't know. We could hear a dog barking and it sounded as if it was coming from outside. I looked out of the window to the ground below me and saw a rubber mallet running away from the building, it had legs and was barking as it ran.

Next I was walking down a set of stairs when I jumped down onto a landing as some steps were missing. As I looked above me where I had just been I saw a shower head and thought to myself that I'd have a wash.
Still fully clothed I started to shower when I had the feeling someone was sneaking up on me. I somehow raised my knee to my head height and just as someone's head appeared above me I pushed out, kneeing them straight in the nose.
I looked to see it was my friend Harry who was holding his blooded face in pain.

Just prior to waking this morning I was watching a slice of bread that had arms and legs. It was standing on the work surface laughing.

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