Saturday, 6 April 2013

Me monkey

Last night I had a pet monkey, he would follow me everywhere and jump onto my shoulder on command. He was quite the party piece.
I'd taken him to the vets for a check up and they'd operated on him and when he came around, he had strings on him like a puppet.
Monkey was clearly upset at this and started to talk to me in a very posh upper class accent. Monkey explained that simply calling him Monkey was condescending and he'd prefer a proper name as he was 43 years old. He also said that he wasn't happy about the strings and that he wanted his own identity rather than being my performing pet.

The last part of my dreaming involved me sitting in a darkened bedroom with a husband and wife. I was swigging from a bottle of white wine and the female was drinking red wine from a glass.
The husband started to become slightly upset and told me that he didn't trust his wife with other men.
I told him to relax and go to bed and then took his wife to another bedroom leading her out hand in hand.

I placed the cork back into the wine bottle and placed it onto a shelve but when I did this the wine started to shoot out like a water fountain.
Both myself and the woman started to laugh at this.
I was then under a shower fully clothed and tried to wash whilst dressed which isn't easy I can tell you.

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