Thursday, 11 April 2013

I pad error

I was with my wife at work and we had defied our bosses and turned up together to complete our shift.
Unfortunately out rebellious behaviour backfired as we went to the wrong place and no one was there. Walking into the correct location late for our briefing my wife couldn't find a free computer work station and she began shouting and throwing things around the room.

I was told to work with Lorraine and my wife was told to stay inside until she had calmed down.
Lorraine told me we had to go and as I ran out of the building into the street she pushed past me knocking me onto the ground. My lip, hands and elbow were all bleeding and I had to go back inside.
Lorraine was looking rather sorry as Andy entered the room and I told him what Lorraine had done to make her feel even worse.

We decided to check the companies web page and Andy offered us his i pad to use.
When Lorraine switched it onto the Internet the previous web page came up which was a site specialising in midget porn.
After some very embarrassed looks from Andy he switched the i pad off and walked away not saying anything.

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