Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Great balls of fire!

I was in a court room and I was met by Lesley who used to work at the same place as me a year or so ago.
I asked her to take me to the judges chambers to check some paperwork. She appeared to work there but I wasn't sure.
Upon entering the empty judges room, Lesley started to take some huge old law books from a shelf.
As she did this I looked out of the window and down below was a hotel resort swimming pool with various people in and around it.

In the corner of the room was a grand piano which I sat at. Lesley told me not to touch it but I ignored her and started to thrash out the Jerry Lee Lewis song, 'Great balls of fire'.
As I did it was somehow transmitted to the pool area below where the assembled crowd clapped and cheered.
After my energetic performance I waved down to the crowd as they whistled and shouted for more.

The song was a massive hit way back in 1957 selling a million copies in its first 10 days.

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