Friday, 19 April 2013

Gorilla in the bath

As usual my brain sends me a visual image when I need the toilet as I sleep.
Last night I was approached by a man who wanted to punch me and as he ran at me with his fist raised I held up my hand and stopped time.
The mans fist halted inches from my face and I just stepped aside and said to myself that I needed to pee.
I went into the toilet, still asleep at this point, unzipped my jeans and a plastic tube fell out! I woke and went to the toilet.

Back to sleep and I was next standing before an American judge for killing someone. In my head I was expecting to receive an 11 year prison sentence.
The judge started to make weird sounds and with every word that he spoke made a gasping expel of air after it.
He said, "You, will, go, to, prison, for, nine hundred, and, ninety, nine, years".
Another break from sleep and I realised my wife's lady snores were the sounds of the Judge.

Finally along with my wife we had entered the London flat of veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth. The whole place, floors, walls and ceilings were covered in ceramic tiles.
Bruce wasn't home so we started to have a good look around when my dog, who I hadn't realised was with us, ran off with an expensive watch from Bruce's bedside.

I then decided to take a bath and standing in the tub I looked into a mirror and could see thick black hair that had grown from my back over my shoulders.
I took an electric razor and started to shave it off. Not being able to see my back I strained my neck to see it in the mirror and was shocked when my head turned completely so that it was facing my back. I could then look down at my back which was like a gorillas covered in black thick hair.

I started to shave it all off leaving the bath floating with a mass of hair but nicked my skin and it started to drip blood into the bath.
I got out and shouted to my wife that the bath was ready for her now just as my dog ran past me still with Bruce's watch in his mouth.

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