Sunday, 7 April 2013

Follow the yellow gloves

I was driving a large van making a delivery in the coastal town of Skegness. Something I actually did many years ago.
My cargo was a pallet of red bricks for a building site. To access the site I had to carefully negotiate my vehicle through a shopping arcade, avoiding people as I went.
I'd parked up and saw two builders who showed me where they required the pallet placing. One of the men saw my yellow gloves and commented on how nice they were. I thought this a little odd as they were just normal gloves.

I started to pull the pallet on my trolley jack and the man followed behind me constantly staring at my gloves. I lowered the trolley and he watched with fascination as I unloaded the bricks.
After the tenth comment about how nice my gloves were I took them off and gave them to him as he was totally freaking me out. The man ran off like an excited child with a new toy.

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