Monday, 8 April 2013

Exploding dog food

Along with my wife and a friend that lives in our street called Hazel, I had gone to the cinema to watch a movie.
Inside the lobby to the odeon was an elaborate security system that had an x ray scanner.
My wife and Hazel managed to bypass it but I was asked to walk through it. As I did an alarm sounded and red lights started to flash, filling the room with a red pulsating glow.

One of the security staff shouted, "It's going to blow!" and promptly ran out of the building followed by hundreds of panicked cinema goers.
I desperately attempted to find my wife and Hazel and I ran up some stairs shouting for them just as a huge explosion ripped through the building.
The side of the wall blew out and I was hanging on to what was left of the wall with a drop below me.

As I looked around me there was dried dog food scattered everywhere and it was hitting me as it started to rain down after the explosion.
I finally couldn't hold on any longer and released my grip falling to the ground. My fall was broken as I landed on a huge sack of dried dog food. Everywhere I looked there was sacks and loose dog food.

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