Sunday, 28 April 2013

DIY dump

I had a pet Robin that I could call and it would fly onto my hand and accompany me perched on my shoulder.
I took him everywhere and he was a faithful companion.
I left him outside a Homebase DIY store while I entered to buy some paint remover. Inside the huge store I found the display containing the many different types of products that all seemed to do the same job.

Next to the display was a toilet for sale. I lifted the lid, dropped my trousers, sat down and proceeded to take a dump whilst still being able to look through the display.
The store was full of people none of which took any notice of me. Looking at the prices I noticed that the paint remover I had decided to buy was the most expensive, I then scouted around hoping no one would notice me and swapped the label with a lower priced item.
It then realised that I didn't have any toilet paper!

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