Monday, 22 April 2013

Disco bouncer

Starting off I was at an old work place where I was employed over 10 years ago. As I wandered around I saw my neighbour Janice standing at the entrance trying to get out.
I scooped down and picked up some letters from the mat and Janice started to chat to me. I continued to walk and Janice followed me, I reached the office and handed the letters to the secretary.
I could still hear Janice chatting away but couldn't see her.
I made my way out of the building still with Janice's voice nattering away but with no idea where she was.
As I left I called out, "Janice, you're talking to yourself!"

I was next walking around to see someone at their flat. I took a while to get there and when I arrived, I knocked on the door and a rather angry looking woman opened it and gave me an evil look.
I realised I was being ignored so just turned around and started walking back home.
As I walked I bumped into my dearly departed dad and we chatted as we strolled in the sunshine. Dad saw someone he knew in a front garden, I patted him on the shoulder and told him I'd see him at home.

Instead of going home I walked into a large warehouse, inside I found my very good friend Martin. I climbed some steps and was close to the roof on a platform when Martin flicked a light switch and the whole place turned into a disco with flashing coloured lights and thumping music.
Martin then threw a ball up to me which when I caught it, I could see was a fat ball that you put onto bird tables.
I dropped the ball onto the floor and instead of falling apart it bounced.
Martin and myself then entertained ourselves by seeing how many people we could hit with the ball.
Great fun.

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